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My name is Bizcocho. I'm 8 years old and I'm from Dominican Republic. I inspired my mom to found Little Noses. I'm a very happy and funny dog, I love toys and everything I can eat. I'm the boss here, so I have the power to make you have real fun during your stay!



My name is Ringo. I was born 7 years ago in "La isla del encanto"... Puerto Rico. I'm a bit lazy and love napping. Catching lizards is my specialty!

My role at Little Noses is to keep track of all treats, and also make sure you get one when you come visit us!


Feliz día del animal a mis grandes compa

My name is Fiona, I'm a boricuan sata. My mom rescued me from the street 6 years ago. I'm the princess of the house and I really like eating basically...anything!

I'll make sure my mom is up to date with all new grooming trends and techniques, so you can look as a Hollywood star!



My name is María Florencia. I'm from Argentina but life gave me the chance to live in different and amazing places and learn different cultures. I've been surrounded by dogs since child. They are a big part of my life and I've managed to learn mostly everything about them. When living in PR I was very actively helping dogs rescueing organizations and gave my best to at least find them a better home and future. I'm very proud of that. I'm graduated as a Lawyer and as Academic Pet Groomer. Today I'm giving them the best of me as a groomer since that's what I love.

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